Our humbled 4000 ft.sq retreat house is located in the centre of Alor Setar town, featuring a laidback setting escapade uniquely designed overlooking a train railway & the town’s beautiful skyline.

A ‘Resort In House’, this is the place for guest who crave for experience where the design incorporated trees within the in between space of the dwelling.  This natural elements such as trees create the ever changing façade form and bring fresh energy to the house as the trees intertwined with architecture.

“ LIFE IS A COLLECTION OF MOMENTS AND EXPERIENCE” . Same goes to our rooms. Every room is uniquely designed with customized layout to offer different experience and vibes to our guest. From railway track scenery to tree canopy view and 180 degree view of Alor Setar beautiful skyline, BT Haus Retreat offers fellow guest exceptional holiday adventure like no other. Utilizing the local familiar materials, the use of wood, glass, brick and concrete renders a simplistic and rustic design foundation to its minimalist yet sophisticated Asian dwelling.

Ground floor water element at central courtyard, a beautiful 22 ft long pool, allows the guest to swim and also it is an important factor to cooling the house.

Glass folding door  expand the visibility of the open green space. Skylight & open space permit natural light to create a healthy and bright environment.

Grass & plants create a protective skin or jacket for the house to reduce heat and more comfortable surrounding.

The comeback of traditional Malay space such as Pangkin ( terrace ) expand the bedroom area and are great for relaxing.

As one says ‘ You are always one decision away from a totally different life’ , we at BT Haus Retreat would like to add ‘You are always one click away from a totally different holiday experiece’. We welcome nature-loving families and friend, in group of 2 to 25 pax to stay and share an unforgettable experience at BT Haus Retreat.